Jewelry Redesign & Restyling

Transform your old pieces into something new.


Jewelry Redesign & Restyling

Transform your old pieces into something new.

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Redesign & Recreate

Every piece of jewelry has a story to tell, and with our expertise, that story can take on a fresh chapter. 

With over 40 years of experience, the team at TeLayne Designs can repurpose, redesign, and reinvent your cherished jewelry in ways you may never have considered.

Want to turn an old ring into a modern necklace? Or repurpose a pendant into a bracelet? Your wishes combined with our creative vision make the horizons truly limitless. Visit our bespoke studio and let’s embark on this exciting journey together

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Restoring Life to your Piece

Your jewelry is an investment – both a monetary and a sentimental one. The most precious pieces are often a statement of enduring beauty and a representation of a precious memory, or relationship.

Unfortunately, as durable as they may seem, jewelry pieces do wear down over time. Chains snap, clasps loosen, and prongs break or fail. In extreme cases,  parts of the piece may need to be replaced altogether. 

If you have a cherished piece that’s been broken, don’t let it sit  at the bottom of your drawer. Bring it into our local studio in Dallas, and let us repair it so you can wear it confidently again. 

Jewelry Redesign & Restyling FAQ

Absolutely. As custom jewelers, we specialize in creating one of a kind pieces from the ground up. For your redesign projects, you will be collaborating with Tracy, our jewelry designer, to explore what’s possible, and come up with ideas of what you want done. Through a process of iterations, we will then perfect the design and have the old piece transformed.

It’s difficult to give a timeline for a redesign project over the phone or internet. Lead times depend on many different factors, such as scheduling, sourcing materials, and finalizing the new design. The best way to get an accurate idea of timelines is to contact us at our studio or come in for a complimentary consultation.

We can take virtually any old piece of fine jewelry and recycle it, to redesign and restyle it into something new. This includes rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, and so forth.

Note, we can also take old pieces and redesign them into new pieces altogether. For instance, old rings into new pendants, and old pendants into new rings; the options are virtually endless.

Yes, during the redesign process, we might incorporate new materials to achieve the envisioned result. This can include additional metals, gemstones, or other elements to complement or enhance the original piece. On occasions where the metal from the old piece is too soft or not viable for reuse, we may need to source new metal. We always ensure that any new materials used are of the highest quality and match seamlessly with the existing components of your jewelry. Before making any additions or changes, we’ll discuss the options with you, and with your approval, move forward to ensure the final piece aligns perfectly with your vision.

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Have questions regarding redesigning an old piece of jewelry? Contact us with any questions you have, or come in for a complimentary consultation.

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