Setting Education

As diamond setters in Dallas we use all kinds of settings in our custom made jewelry. Settings used across many jewelry types for example wedding rings, engagement rings, mens wedding bands, pendants, bracelets and so forth. Choosing a setting is a matter of personal preference. 

Silver diamond band ring facing towards the camera sits on a white background
Silver diamond ring on a white background

Prong Setting

This is the most recognized style of setting; the majority of large main stones are set with prongs. A more modern use of prong setting is to hold the smaller stones in with a shared prong or a shared split prong. This is a secure way of setting stones with a minimal amount of metal showing

Bar Setting

Bar settings in jewelry are a classic and elegant way to secure gemstones in place. In this technique, metal bars or prongs are used to hold the gemstone securely while allowing maximum light exposure, showcasing the stone’s brilliance and minimizing the presence of metal.

Goldring with diamonds and red gemstone on a white background
Gold band ring facing towards the camera sits on a white background

Bezel or Tube Setting

Bezel settings in jewelry offer a sleek and modern approach to securing gemstones. A metal rim encircles the gem, holding it securely while providing a protective and contemporary design element that complements various styles.

Pave or French setting

This setting style is normally used to compliment one or more rows of small diamonds. The word pavé means to cover or “pave” the surface of a piece of jewelry. Pavé can be used to describe several various techniques. Micropavé and French-pavé are common names that are used in jewelry setting styles.  Many people feel it makes a piece of jewelry “sparkle”. Many pave styles have an edge of metal often is given a milgrain texture which increases the vintage look 

Silver pave set diamond ring on a white background
Silver diamond ring on a white background

Channel Setting

A technique used for a contemporary look that has smooth metal on the sides of the diamonds. This style can be used as a single row or several rows to hold small diamonds in a ring. The channel set style can have a milgrain texture added to it for a vintage look.

Build Your Custom Piece

With so many different kinds of settings, it can sometimes be overwhelming to choose one that you like best. If you’re in the market for a custom piece, we invite you to get in contact with our head designer, Tracy LaRocque, at TeLayne Designs.

With years of experience under her belt, Tracy takes pride in uncovering what her client’s want in a piece, even without them knowing themselves. We invite you to our local showroom in Dallas, Texas, for a complimentary consultation on your next project.

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